Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggs

Our Easter egg decorating was a bit rushed this year, but what can you do? 
It was still Thursday...seriously a marathon of a day. We were leaving first thing the next morning to spend Friday and Saturday in San Antonio so I knew it would be our only chance to get them done before Easter morning. Next year hopefully we can relax and enjoy it a bit more, but I think the kids still had fun with it.
 Preston didn't even try using the egg dippers...why would you when using your whole hand is so much easier :-)?!
the kids ate dinner while coloring eggs; on days like that 
we have to consolidate activities :-)
And with that, our crazy week was finally finished. Other events accomplished...Addie's Kindergarten Orientation, switching Preston out of the crib, Mike going on his 24-hour golf trip, going to meet Oliver at the hospital, Addie's picture day, editing lots and lots and lots of pictures, Ella's field trip, birthday lunch for a friend, 2 swimming practices, 1 dance class, 1 piano lesson, going to get the RV from storage, attending book club, plus Thursday and then packing for the trip to SA. Man, was it nice to arrive in San Antonio and have nothing particular to get done!


the Holyoaks said...

Wow! It's weeks like that that make you grateful for those days when there isn't much going on. Your kids look like they had so much fun coloring eggs. We let Truman help for the first time ever this year and hovered over him so he wouldn't make a mess. We made him let us help him with every step.

I love that you used a plastic tablecloth--we just spread some newspapers--but I think we'll try your idea next year. I really, really love how you put the finished eggs on your cupcake holder. So cute! And what a practical way to dry them!

Marci said...

I saw the cupcake holder idea on a blog last year and it is seriously perfect!

Lindsey said...

I love your tablecloth and cupcake idea too! I'm totally doing that next year! And your kids are darling, as usual, too! :)