Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Eve

We were still in San Antonio on Saturday and spent the day hanging out at home with most the family. Brittany has always been so great about having fun with the kids and she took Addie, Preston and Dustin on a little morning adventure to visit a donkey. I don't think they ended up seeing him, but they still had a lot of fun on their walk! Later in the morning was a fun Easter egg hunt, with some pretty cool prizes hiding. The kids had a blast and loved all their yummy treats! Mike's parents recently landscaped their front yard, themselves of course, and it looks so beautiful. They have such a talent for turning any space into a magnificent one. It was so nice sitting in the little courtyard area in the mornings.
All too quickly it was time to hit the road and head back home. The kids needed baths that night and we needed to put out our Easter baskets, plus I had thought about reading a bit of the scripture story in the Bible so the kids would be reminded why we have the holiday. 
Then the ride home happened. They were CRAZY. ALL 3 of them. For the ENTIRE trip. I was sitting in back trying to come up with games and keep them sitting in one spot and it just wasn't happening. Preston has been especially out of control lately (I'm hoping when he turns 3 in next month he will magically cease his bad behavior). After many threats and time-outs I mentioned toward the end of the drive, when all I wanted to do was jump from the moving car, that I was going to leave the Easter bunny a note about what had happened. Addie and Preston didn't  care much because they typically don't care about anything I do to punish them, but Ella burst into sobs. We got home to find a cute Easter present from Nana and Blubby still alive. All I cared about was getting the kids in bed though. It was done quickly and the Easter bunny didn't bring his usual loot. He felt a little bad right before going to sleep and added one extra little toy, but each kid just got two little things and a one main candy. I figure we have lots of extra goodies for the road trip now. I felt like a really mean mom at first, but you know what, they didn't even care. Ella noticed the baskets were more empty than usual, but they all seemed fine and happy. So, maybe Mike is right (should I really admit that :-)?!) and less is more to some extent. With church early we were kind of rushed that morning so I didn't take any pictures of the egg hunt but they did look cute for Easter Sunday church, remember? And now Easter is officially over on the blog!


LaRee said...

Cute Easter outfits!

Diane said...

Thanks for the compliments on our was so fun to have it all finished for the Easter egg hunt. We loved having you all always! This is Diane

Diane said...

I am on Steve's computer, so I thought my comment looked like it was from him :/