Friday, April 20, 2012

Ella as Ruby Bridges

Friday the 13th was a big day for us and it started out with the 2nd grade Living Museum at Ella's school. We were given a list of historical people a few weeks prior and Ella was able to pick her top 3 choices. From there the teachers assigned each child the famous person that they would research, write a speech about and dress up as to be a part of this "living museum."
Ella was given Ruby Bridges, which I think was her 3rd choice, but it was my first so I was excited :-) (I'm sure every other girl had Amelia Earhart as one of their picks too). If you don't remember Ruby Bridges, which I didn't, she was the first little African American child to be integrated into an all-white school in south. I didn't help Ella with much on this project at all. The kids did all their research and writing at school and I was so impressed. She did a great job and looked so cute that morning!
 Ella had a big support group come to see her at the museum. Grammy, Nana and even Grandad were all able to attend. You walked around to the kids and pushed the play button under the pictures they had drawn of their famous person and they would recite their speech for you...too cute!
Our inspiration...
Her Spanish speech...


Annemarie said...

I LOVE that your school does this. What a great way for the kids to learn history.

She is adorable and so smart!!

Steve said...

I love Ella's video. Tell her Muy Bueno!

heather said...

This is so cute! I started reading some books about the civil rights movement with Anna this year and its fun to hear the things she's learning from them. Ella is incredible!