Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Highee, our Favorite Butterfly

For Addie's birthday one of the gifts we got her was another butterfly garden and she had been anxiously waiting the arrival of spring so we could send away for our new little caterpillars. We had 4 in this batch and she was thrilled the day they arrived in the mail. She watched them for hours and was able to take them in to her class at each stage of life...she LOVES to bring things to show her class. One of our chrysallides fell off the lid of the jar this time and I feared we had killed it, but after reading what to do if that happens, we still ended up with 4 butterflies! What a relief!
The butterflies were born on Friday the 13th while we were at Ella's living museum and Addie was beside her self with happiness :-). She named them Highee, Flyee, Relaxee and Drinkee (based on what they happened to be doing at the moment she named them). We kept them alive all weekend on sugar water and orange slices so Addie could take them to preschool on Tuesday. The original plan was to release them that afternoon, but Addie convinced me to keep them one more night and Wednesday morning we let them go. One little butterfly stayed on Addie FOREVER and seriously made her little life. She still talks about how much Highee loved her and how he didn't want to leave her :-). She wants to try the ant farm next...we'll see about that one!




Chrissy said...

Cute post, but Preston's face in the first picture made my night.

Diane said...

I just tried to leave a comment...hope it works this time.

I love, so much, how you encourage each of your children's individuality and self expression. This was a rich experience for Addie that each of them could enjoy. You and Mike are great parents...and I don't know which I liked better...Preston's expression or outfit:)

Kayley said...

This is so cute! I love their names- she's so funny :)