Monday, April 30, 2012

More Re-Capping

Tuesday afternoon Mike and Addie went on a little date to Cici's pizza. That was Addie's latest reward she was earning by being good at school and when I picked her up that day she was so excited she had earned the final sticker for her chart. She told me, "Dad is going to be SO excited!" :-)
She won the little mustache in a 50 cent machine (is there a name for those? I'm tired).
Wednesday was our day with Ian...always a fun day for Preston!
And Thursday was my birthday!
Unfortunately, when your birthday falls during the week life must go on. BUT I didn't do anything I didn't want to that day, including making dinner or giving kids baths. I also spent the day in peace and quiet with the girls at school and Preston at Ian's and I went and got my favorite take-out for lunch.
Then the afternoon came and we had stuff to do! Swimming for Addie and a mini-photo shoot which Ella tagged along to. It was a fun day though and I even got some birthday surprises from friends which was awesome. I love birthdays :-)!
(oh, and we started the day with a free spicy chicken sandwich breakfast at Chickfila)
Addie has LOVED her lessons with Rachel (we had our last one today) and hopefully she is pretty much ready for swim team tomorrow! We are going to miss our Rachel time though, every day Addie would ask all day when she got to go swimming at Rachel's :-).
And another fun surprise of the day, when I woke up extra early to work out (5:30am!!! But I'm in a groove...I need to keep it up!) and looked at my watch to see a birthday cake! So fun :-). Luckily, there was more celebrating to do over the weekend.


Katie Bradley said...

What a nice watch! Glad you had a happy birthday!

Kayley said...

I live that Addie adores her swim teacher so much! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!