Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alligators, Muffins, Talent Shows

Last week was CRAZY, this week is going to be CRAZY, and next week will hopefully be pretty mellow. By then Addie will be done with school and the only activity left will be swim team, which will be so nice!
But back to last week...
On Monday Addie, Preston and I headed out with some friends from church to try and see alligators. Jeanne had posted something on her blog about an alligator viewing area close to us and was kind enough to take us on a little field trip over to the location. While we didn't see any alligators on this trip, we did spot tons of turtles, which was nearly as exciting, and heard the alligators yelling as we left. We will definitely take a family trip over there in the evening once things calm down and see if we have better luck.
Monday was also our first day breaking in my birthday present...a Vitamix! I have been wanting one of these babies FOREVER and we have been making green smoothies everyday since. They are gradually getting greener, although I'm still too scared to try anything but spinach in them :-). I love that the kids will drink them and that I now can even add spinach to their Carnation instant breakfast when I make it (and which they think is a big treat) and they don't even know!
green smoothies
On Wednesday Ella participated in Fielder Follies at school. This is one thing I love at her school. The students perform in the music room with 3 classes from their grade level, which means everyone can participate and it isn't quite as intimidating. One thing I hate about her school (although I think it is similar district-wide) is that they are so weird about letting us take photographs and videos at school. It is a public school for crying out loud and I'd like her to have some memories of elementary school! So, I tried to slyly video her performance, which is why it's all blurry. Then after the performance we walked over to the designated picture-taking-location to take a picture. Emily was kind enough to take Preston and pick up Addie for me from school so I could go and enjoy the show without distractions, which was so helpful! For her real piano recital later that weekend Ella played two songs, The Chicken Dance and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The Chicken Dance was super easy for her but her teacher let her do it because she wanted to so badly and of course it is the only one she would play at the school despite my best efforts to convince her to do Somewhere over the rainbow as well (which is so pretty!). She did great though!
Thursday morning bright and early was Muffins with Mom at Addie's school. Addie at one huge muffin and 2 little ones! I was quite impressed, especially since she is my child that eats very little for breakfast usually. She also felt really lucky that she got some orange juice before they ran out :-). We ate and then decorated a picture frame for a picture they took of us that morning to go in. I can tell she feels really special when she gets to do things alone with me or Mike and it was fun little morning. And Preston had a blast with Grammy back at the house :-).

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JeanneJ said...

That was a fun morning looking for alligators. I hope you have better luck next time! These weeks are crazy - hang in there.