Thursday, May 10, 2012

And Swim Season Begins!

Last year was our first experience with swim team and we loved it! So many of our church friends are on the team with us so practice every day is actually a big social event :-). Plus, Ella finished swim team as a strong swimmer, which is super important to me since that is what we spend the entire summer doing.
This year Ella is in the 7/8 year old division which means she will race in all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke....6&unders only do freestyle and backstroke). We did a little prep for a few months before the season this time around so that she wouldn't start out so far behind the rest of the group like last year.
I debated about whether or not to sign Addie up for the team, but in the end just decided to go for it. She was swimming a bit by the end of last summer and after some one-on-one sessions with Rachel in April I felt like we could make it. She is a bit of spaz in the water still, but she absolutely LOVES it and I am hopeful she will keep getting better.
Ella loves it as well and has really become a little fish in just a year's time. May 1st was our first day of practice, so I brought along the camera, of course :-).
Addie practices 30 minutes a day, followed by Ella for a whole hour! Those kids get quite the workout!
This has been a crazy couple weeks because piano and dance still haven't quite ended yet for Ella. So, Addie's practice is the only time she has to do her homework.
Addie has been working in a little school workbook during Ella's practice and so far the hour has flown by. I am SUPER lucky that Mike can keep Preston at home, because it would be a LOOONG 1 1/2 hours of trying to keep him away from the pool!
We are so fortunate to have Rachel as one of the big kid helpers to get to work with Addie still...she is awesome with her!
with Carly and Taylor
and I got this picture from Jeanne...Ella with Abi and Emily

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