Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Room Re-Do

There are 2 things left to do in the family room before it is really completely done, but since it is mostly how I want it, I decided to just go ahead and blog it anyway. It has been a long time coming and I really, REALLY love the room! I love to sit in there and just look around or just pop my head in and remember how cute it is now :-). The only downside is now I wish I could redo the whole house how I really want it. Well, one room at a time, right?
I didn't take any good before pictures and after searching a bit this morning I'm giving up on it because it would take too long.  The walls were tan, the curtains red. The accents were mostly black and red and had been since we got married nearly 10 years ago. I have been SO ready for a change and knew what I loved. It just took awhile to finally start the process.

Now, on to the new and improved family room!
The walls are a pale gray and the accents are fun and bright! I just ordered one more yellow pillow for the couch and it will be complete. The last 2 touches needed are a perfect rug for the floor (which I have yet to find, feel free to send me suggestions) and I want the wall behind the couch to be covered in white book shelves with fun little accents dispersed among the books. I love all the color, I love incorporating all our favorite photos in a fun and easy-to-change way and I LOVE the yellow chair and my ceiling fan :-).
(and notice Preston trying to pop into any picture he could :-)...also don't mind his mess, I wasn't planning to take these pictures right then)
house 1
house 2
house 4
house 3
house 5
house 6


Laurie said...

Looks great Marci! West Elm has their rugs on sale right now 15% off :)

Annemarie said...

Well done! I love the pillows!!

heather said...

I love the painting with the poppies. Where did you find it?

Chrissy said...

You did it!!! It looks awesome! The chair is perfect, too. And the floating shelves look clean and neat with all the pictures. Awesome job!

Marci said...

The painting is actually an awesome hand-me-down from my grandparents. They just moved to a smaller place and we got lots of fun things from them :-). Mike's parents moved last summer and also gave us some great the thing under the TV, which I love. We definitely lucked out!

Katie Bradley said...

Marci, it looks so good! I love the wall color and I really like all those fun pillows. Great picture shelf idea, too. Lovely lovely lovely!

Brittany said...

It looks awesome in the pics and real life! I love it and it inspires me!

michele cabiness said...

Love it! Exactly what I want to do to my living room. I just have such a hard time finding a shade of grey that actually looks grey!