Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Poems

Ella just gave me my Mother's Day cards from school and they both made morning :-)! I love my Ella!

You are joyful, helpful, loving and kind
Mother of Ella, Addie and Preston
Who loves reading and cooking
Hates screaming child, is afraid of cockroach, enjoys her birthday
Fears crocodile, scary movie and lost child
Accomplished college
Wants to be rich, go to Utah and get expensive stuff
Born in California and living in Texas

(favorites from this one, that I hate screaming children, fear my kids getting lost and that I want expensive stuff)

Sweet, Kind
Exersiysing, Swimming
She always gives hugs!
Marci F."

(favorites from this one...exercising and 2 favorite things to do :-), she knows me well)

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