Sunday, May 27, 2012

On Our Way to Our Crazy Thursday

Last Thurday, the 17th, was one super crazy night for us. We had Ella's dance recital at 6:15pm AND Addie's preschool graduation at 7pm (plus we skipped swim practice and Ella's open house). Ella's dance recital was initially to start at 6:30pm, but was moved to 6:15pm and those extra 15 minutes totally saved us! Addie was supposed to be at her school at 6:30pm, so we dropped her off at Emily's before the recital so she could get to her room on time. She does better when she is not rushed and is following her usual routine so we knew it would be better for her to do things exactly as they practiced during the school day. Then the rest of the family went and watched Ella's recital and the moment her 2nd dance was over we rushed to the preschool arriving just in time for it to start. It was a relief! At the end of it all we went and got a late dinner at ChickFila since it is all the kiddos favorite fast food and we never go as a family. Pictures of the individual events to come!
Preston is quite the little music man. He loves to sing along to whatever is playing and makes faces like he is really into it :-). Here is singing along to Adele.


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