Friday, May 11, 2012

Preston's Pre-Birthday

This Sunday is Preston's 3rd birthday and we are planning to have all the family over to celebrate as usual. My mom, however, will miss it :-(. She never gets to go anywhere and of course during the 2 weeks she is gone TONS is happening (piano recital, dance recital, Preston's birthday, Addie's graduation, Ella's talent show...) and she was SO sad when she realized it. Last week before she left she took Preston on a little shopping trip to ToysRUs to pick out a new train for part of his present. When she asked me about what he wanted I suggested this because he ALWAYS wants a train (or 2...or 10) when we see them and he knows better than I do which ones he has already. On our way he said he wanted Hiro, but as luck would have it, he wasn't at the store this day. So, it was a big decision as to which other train to get because they ALL seemed so exciting and perfect :-). Eventually he picked a winner and we were off (and don't worry, someone else who loves him is getting him Hiro). He is so excited for his birthday this year and sings himself Happy Birthday when he notices the banner in the kitchen...super cute!
And while we are on Preston...the other day when we left for swim team he was trying his hand at the computer. For his first time he was actually pretty good with the mouse, much better than I remember the girls being. And he felt SUPER big!

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Kayley said...

I love those pictures of him trying to pick a train and LOVE that he sings to himself!! So cute!