Friday, June 15, 2012

And, We're Back!

Mike and I got home Tuesday night from our week in Costa Rica. It was SO relaxing and we had so much fun, especially since we knew the kids were being well taken care of by our parents. The kids kept busy while we were gone! Addie spent most of the week in San Antonio with Mike's parents where she spent time swimming, doing art projects and got to see Madagascar 3. They even drove out to Katy to pick her up and then again to drop her off...THANK YOU!!! My parents had Ella and Preston and had the challenge of keeping up with Ella's busy swim and social schedule :-). There were practices, 2 meets, birthday parties, etc. They managed to squeeze in some fun as well though with lots of swimming and going to the movies too. THANK YOU!!! And a big thanks to our swimming friends who helped out with Ella at the meets too!
Here is one picture of Ella and her buddies at the first night meet of the season. It was so fun to see this while we were away.
We were quickly thrown back into reality on Wednesday despite coming home to a clean house and all the kids' laundry done for me. 
We ran errands all morning, Mike had a carpet job, there was swim practice and I was in charge of the YW activity that night.
Yesterday I had a photo shoot in the morning, we went swimming with some friends and then it was practically time to head off to another night swim meet. Whew!
When do I get back to sitting on the beach with nothing to do but read :-)?!
The day before we left for our trip Addie had a play date at Ellie's and it looks like she had fun! 
(Costa Rica pics to come soon!)

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