Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Costa Rica: The Last Days

Saturday was our relax at the beach and hang out day. We did that (and I totally got burned...stupid me!) and then we took the bus into the neighboring town of Quepos that afternoon. We walked around a bit, dodged a rain storm, ate in a little restaurant next to a local soccer game, and found a little grocery store to stock up on some snacks for later. There was still plenty of time left in the day so we decided to walk back to Manuel Antonio. According to the signs it was 6km and it was up and down a mountain, so it was a great work out. It was nice to be able to go into some of the little shops we had passed by on the bus so many times and really get a good look at everything along the way. I even found a bracelet I loved in one of them :-)!
After our national park tour on Sunday, we were already to Monday, our day to leave and head back to San Jose! It went by sooo fast!
Monday morning we got on the directo bus back to the city and walked back to the central market to get another cheese tortilla! We were SO hungry and SO excited to eat those again! We ordered tons of food at the little restaurant...our last real Costa Rican meal and it was amazing! Arriving back at the Hampton felt so luxurious after our stay by the beach and was the perfect way to end the trip.
Tuesday was our flight out and we headed to the airport early to try and get on a flight that would have us landing in Houston a little earlier. There were 2 leaving before ours and we were able to get on the 2nd one. Once again first class did not disappoint! I seriously don't think I can fly any other way again. It ended up being good we were up there though because right as we were nearing Houston, the airport reported hail and tornadoes in the area. We didn't have enough fuel to wait so we landed in Lake Charles, LA. Since that airport is not an international airport we could not get off the plane. Luckily we were only grounded about an hour, AND being in first class meant extra snacks and drinks while we waited. We finally landed in Houston right when our original flight was scheduled to get in...isn't that how it goes :-).
The kids were asleep when we got back, but the next morning it was so fun to see them all and give them their Costa Rican souvenirs! It was such a nice trip and super relaxing. We didn't worry about the kids at all because we knew they were having a blast with our parents and I honestly could have stayed another week. We owe them big time!!!
And then Wednesday it was back to real life really fast :-).
Our town, our hotel (and lobby where we checked email each day), our Costa Rican snacks, and our favorite little restaurant on the beach.
We agreed the beaches themselves in the Dominican Republic were more stereotypically beautiful, but it was amazing to be standing in the water and look back and see the jungle come right up to the shoreline. The pictures really don't do it justice at all.
our lunch spot in Quepos
a picture for Addie :-)//this airplane restaurant is quite a popular tourist attraction. we heard the food wasn't great so we skipped it, but the view is amazing from many of the restaurants and hotels up on the top of Manuel Antonio
at the bus stop
this was our airplane meal...seriously!

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