Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio National Park

I'm skipping a day here, but on Sunday, the 10th, we were picked up early for a guided tour of the national park. It was right down the road from our hotel and we had walked by the entrance, and tried to get in the exit on accident while out exploring on other days. At this point in the trip we had seen plenty of iguanas and even seen a sloth (when a local pointed it out to us) but still no monkeys. I thought there were going to be monkeys everywhere! One of the hotel workers had told us that the monkeys tend to travel around and that they had been near the hotel a few days before so we must have just missed them. When we met up with our guide that morning, one of the first things I asked him is where all the monkeys were. He assured me that he sees them every day and off we went on our tour. Initially I was a bit hesitant to book the tour of the national park but we ended up being really happy we did it! The guides spotted so many things we would never have noticed on our own...lizards, frogs, snakes, birds, and many, many sloths. And we finally saw monkeys! 2 kinds actually, but one of them, I think they were howler monkeys, are not too people friendly and were hiding way up in the trees.
These are my favorite pictures of the trip. And check out that last sloth we saw! Most of them were little fur balls sleeping way up high in the trees, but this one was moving to a new tree and showed us his cute little face!!!
Do you see the light brown fur ball in the middle? That is what most our sloth sightings were like.
we saw humming birds a few times and I was so excited I actually got one on camera
This made my Costa Rica trip complete!!!

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Kayley said...

The tiny frog and monkeys are so cute! And I love the last picture- the colors are gorgeous.