Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ella's 2nd Grade Awards

For the most part we love Ella's school. One thing that drives me crazy however is how strict they are about us not taking pictures inside. I think it is mostly the district's policy, but seriously, it is a public school and we aren't allowed to document anything. They almost didn't even do classroom awards for the 2nd grade, but luckily at the last minute added them in.
I thought Ella's teacher handled the awards perfectly. The school is weird about giving out awards to kids as well, but her teacher shared a little something special about each child and it was so sweet. Ella was complimented on being a good friend to everyone and always being willing to help. I am so proud of her and am so thankful for what a sweet girl she is. I always know the teachers will have good things to tell me about her. She grew up a lot this year and learned a little more about the social politics of friends, but handled it all so well. I love it when she gets in a talkative mood and shares everything that is going on in her life. She made the Gold Honor Roll and Citizenship every grading period and I really saw her Spanish confidence blossom over the year. She is now looking forward to no homework all summer long and lots of time playing with friends and going on vacations :-). Way to go Ella Bella!
Ella and Mrs. Shah
(I wanted to get a picture with other teacher, Mrs. Guerra, but they were still doing their awards when we left)

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