Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Summer!

May 31st had big plans...Ella's last day of school, my last kid-free day before summer began, a photo shoot, and an ice cream date with Ella when she got home. Leave it to one of my kiddos to wake up that morning sick. Preston said his tummy hurt that morning when he first got up, but he wasn't acting super lethargic or anything so I assumed he was just hungry (I had made a "weird" recipe the night before that none of the kids ate much of) and I gave him some toast for breakfast. We headed upstairs to get dressed and Ella off to school and he went in the bathroom and threw up. So sad :-(. He threw up one other time about 30 minutes later, so we cancelled his play date and my photo shoot. Ella got off for her last day of school, a 1/2 day, Addie went to play with Brooklynn and Ian still and Preston and I made a quick stop at the grocery store for sprite, gatorade ("special drink") and bananas. When we got home I only let him sip a teeny bit and then had him lay in bed to watch a show while I worked on the computer. It wasn't long before he fell asleep hard...for nearly 3 hours! He woke up right when Ella was getting home and was all better. My kids do this occasionally and while I'm glad it is always over so fast, I sure wish they would have better timing! It seems it always happens on days with especially big plans. Oh well, at least Preston was good as new quickly!
Another Addie creation...an eagle costume, made all by herself, completely of paper.
She made the wings one day and the next day came in wanting me to measure the head piece around her head. Gotta love this kid!
I didn't get a picture of Ella before or after her last day but she wore one of her favorite dresses, had people sign her yearbook and was thrilled that summer was officially starting!
The next day we headed to pool and Ella got to come with us. We are all excited to start heading out to all the fun pools now that school is over and they are open! Some friends were able to join us, which always makes it more fun too.
We rushed home to change and go to a birthday party and then we rushed off to swim practice where we were in charge of the snack. So although it was busy, it was full of fun so we didn't mind at all.
It was also me and Mike's 10th Anniversary...CRAZY!!! We are so old :-)! There wasn't much in the way of celebrating because we were heading off to Costa Rica for SEVEN days CHILD-FREE a few days later. I did get some pretty flowers and nice note though which is all I really wanted anyway.
And with that, summer has officially begun for us...Wooo Hooo!!!

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