Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last Swim Meet of Season

The last meet of the regular swim season was last Saturday, the 23rd. It was HOT, but the girls still had fun and did a great job. Grandad, Nana and Hope were able to come out for the first half to (brave the hot humidity and) cheer them on as well which was extra special. Addie swam her 3 events and Ella swam in every one this time. I had taken her to a stroke clinic earlier in the week and noticed she was working on breaststroke most of the time. I thought it was a little strange since she never swims that in the meets but didn't think much of it. After the practice coach Catie told me that Ella had told her she wanted to swim breaststroke in the meet. I was shocked! I have to practically force Ella to say hi to friends most of the time so I was so proud of her that she was so assertive and told Catie what she wanted. I was also surprised since she had previously told me that she thought breast stroke was the hardest stroke. She ended up doing awesome at the meet and we were both thrilled. It was a fun end to the season!
We are off to the Meet of Champs tonight where Ella is swimming in Freestyle and Breaststroke and then we have our team party next week. The girls are both REALLY excited to see what their trophies will look like :-). Go Pirates!
Addie's Highlights...
She swam her best time ever in the free relay, but they don't get timed in it unfortunately. Mike clocked her at 53 seconds. She used up a little too much energy though and didn't have much left for her individual freestyle that came next, but even though she really wanted a first place, as long as she beats someone she is happy.
heading over to start the relay...this is such an Addie face
Seed Time: 1:22.45
This Meet: 1:07.72
Seed Time: 1:39.87
Meet Time: 1:08.28
Addie went from hardly being able to swim, to making it across the whole pool in both strokes. We are so proud of her!
Ella's Highlights...
Ella improved almost all her times this meet!
Seed Time: 26.64
Meet Time: 25.13
We still need to figure out the trick to staying straight in the lane.
Seed Time: 31.44
Meet Time: 33.53
Seed Time: 42.08
Meet Time: 32.93
Seed Time: 35.37
Meet Time: 34.63
Ella ended up swimming the butterfly in the medley relay instead of the backstroke she had been doing the rest of the season. She was super thrilled about the change, but she still swam her best.
It has been so fun to see Ella improve as a little swimmer. Last year she pretty much learned to swim and her best backstroke time was worse than Addie's this year. Crazy! She really, really loves it and even though we are all feeling ready for it to be over at this point, it really has been fun. We are so proud of Ella and how hard she worked. She gave it her all every practice and I loved to see both the girls have a little competitive fire inside!

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Brittany said...

Yay!!! Both girls did so well this season! I'm excited to hear how the Meet of Champions went. Good luck Ella I'm sure she'll do awesome!