Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovee, Our Sometimes Cat

One morning nearly 2 months ago I was coming back from the gym in the early morning hours and I heard a little meow in our bushes. As I walked up to them out came a sweet gray cat with the cutest little squeaky meow. This cat was so friendly and loving and I knew Addie would be thrilled to see him. I put out a bit of food and came inside. Addie woke up a minute later and she instantly fell in love with the kitty, who she decided to call Lovee because he just wanted to be loved. After getting some attention he left and I thought we would see him again within a few days. A couple weeks went by though and one night after I had hosted our book club meeting I was saying goodbye to the last of the guests when Lovee made an appearance again. I fed him some more and gave him some love and he was off again. This time nearly a month had gone by and we assumed we had seen the last of him. Addie would mention him occasionally and talk about his cute meow, etc. Well, the other morning (24th) the kids and I had decided that maybe it would be a good day to get donuts for breakfast :-) and when we walked out the door, look who was in the backyard...Lovee!!! It was a great surprise. The kiddos hung out with him for awhile (while Beauty watched nervously from the back door) and when he was ready to go he jumped over the fence. Hopefully we will see him again soon, Addie sure loves him!

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Brittany said...

Now I know who Lovee is! Addie talked about him and I asked, "is he a stray?" "I don't know what kind of cat he is," she responded :-)