Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mock Meet, June 2nd

The Saturday before Mike and I left on our big trip, which I will hopefully be blogging about very soon, was the girls' Mock Meet. This is the big trial meet where we get to see how it all runs, practice the events and the volunteer duties and get times for the seedings of the first real meet. I was hopeful that this would be Addie's first time to swim the whole length of the pool freestyle without touching, but she did stop once and hold onto the lane rope for a bit. The good news is she finished backstroke...slowly, but surely. Ella did awesome and although she was nervous about swimming the breaststroke and butterfly for the first time, she did really well. When I checked her best times from last year, when she pretty much learned how to swim, to this year, the difference was amazing! We all had fun with our friends and I am so excited for the first real meet -I missed the first 2 while I was gone and so did Addie :-(.
Here are the pictures and videos from our busy and fun Saturday morning.
First Event: Freestyle
Addie's Time: 1:52:08 (13th place out of 13)
Ella's Time: 31:78 (12th out of 18) (last year's best time was 50:75)
Second Event: Backstroke
Addie's Time: 2:27:07 (12th place out of 12)
Ella's Time: 34:67 (9th out of 18) (last year's best was 1:08:60...crazy improvement!)
Third Event: Breaststroke
Ella's Time: 42:08 (9th out of 17)
Fourth Event: Butterfly

Ella ended up getting disqualified for this one, which was too bad because it was one of her strongest races. Mike timed her based on the video though so we had an idea of where she placed.
Ella's Time: 37 seconds (DQ'd)
  1. 6-2-12-8
Ella and Sara hanging out during the last events of the day.
Despite the heat and the fire ant bites I got all over one foot, it was a fun start to the swim season. I'm glad we are back to enjoy the rest of it now!

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