Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preston and the Potty

This is HUGE news, so I can't believe I am nearly 2 weeks behind in posting it.
Preston is potty trained!
He has shown interest a couple times over the past year and although I would encourage it when it happened, he just didn't seem quite ready yet so I never pushed it very much. I am pretty relaxed (or lazy depending on how you look at it :-) about potty training. I do not want to deal with messes or issues, especially poopy ones, so my rational has been to let it happen, especially after Ella had an issue.
 I had noticed Preston seemed to have more self control and knew I was going to have to finally get started with it soon but hadn't had a week that seemed has been so crazy. Then one Sunday, exactly 1 week after he turned 3, we got home from church and I changed him into some "relaxing" clothes. He had a bit of rash so I decided to let him be naked for a little while. We were watching a movie and he told me he had to go potty. Now, he had done this before and nothing would happen, so I was seriously shocked when he really went on the potty! It was EXCITING!!! He got to pick a car from the stash he knew was waiting for him when we started going on the potty. Then an hour later, he pooped on the potty too! It was a miracle! I couldn't believe it had been so easy.
Over the next couple days we went to the gym, we went to stores, we hung out at home and he had ONE accident, and it was at our house, that was it. I was seriously amazed at my potty training prodigy :-). He did have an accident the first time he went to play at someone else's house that week (sorry Emily!), but since then it has really been smooth sailing. We have invested in underwear and will never buy diapers again! I already had a stash of pull-ups built up for night, but the past few nights he has even stayed dry at night. He has earned all of his cars and it's officially official...Preston is potty trained!
It's crazy how quickly, after nearly 8 years of changing diapers, I have forgotten what it is like :-)!
With the girls I made cute charts with stickers. Poor Prest, this is what he's been getting.
A chart drawn on a scrap of paper that he colors in with a pencil when he goes. As long as he could earn his car, he didn't seem to mind though.
potty training


Adams Family said...

Amazing! Way to go Preston! I have tried a couple times with Ollie...not ready. He turns 3 later this summer. Maybe there is still hope! :)

Katie Bradley said...

He potty trained himself! With the help of a few incentives :) Way to go!

Chrissy said...

the thought of potty training stresses me out. Maybe Mac will take after his big-boy cuz!

Kirsten said...

Yay Preston! So glad that it was so easy for him!