Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swim Meet!

Mike and I arrived home Tuesday night, spent Wednesday being thrown back into the world again (errands, swim practice, YW, making meals) and then Thursday night was a swim meet. We missed the first 2 while we were gone, which meant Addie missed them too. I was so excited to see Ella race finally and just be there for all the action. The girls did great! Ella swam butterfly at a meet for the first time and Addie FINALLY swam freestyle without stopping for a break on the way! It was a late night for Ella and I (the meet ended at 11pm), but our team won which made it not so bad. Our last meet is this Saturday and we are gearing up to brave the heat. Part of me is really ready for the everyday practices to be over and another part of me is going to miss seeing everyone and watching the girls swim every evening.
Here are the highlights from last week's meet (on the 14th).
Addie LOVES getting to hang out with all the kids waiting for her turn to swim.
Ella and her new BFFs Taylor and Carly. She has so much fun with them!
The freestyle relay was up first. Addie was probably 2 feet from the edge of the pool when she stopped and held on to the lane rope before finishing. What can you do?
The only way we can manage Preston at the meets...I-Pad.
Then it was time for the 25m Freestyle. Coach Lauren was one of our coaches last year and she is so sweet with Addie. It is always hilarious to watch Addie's "dive" into the pool :-).
She did it!!! She now thinks she is a pro-freestyler since she actually beat someone and got 2nd place out of the 3 swimming in her heat :-).
Previous time: 1:52.08
This meet: 1:22.45
Next up was Ella.
She got 1st place in her heat and was so happy!
Previous time: 29.03
This meet: 26.64
Onto the backstroke. Addie was a bit of spaz on her backstroke :-), but she was cute and she finished it.
love this one :-)!
Previous time: 2:27.07
This meet: 1:39.87
Ella had a rough backstroke. At the first meet she killed it and got a great time, so she is in a higher heat than she is used to, which makes it harder to place well. Plus at the 2nd meet and this one she just was a little off for whatever reason and after she finished this one she broke down. It was so sad :-(. She was crying and said she is terrible at backstroke now. We gave her a little pep talk and some hugs and she seemed better. The last even of the night was the medley relay and she swims backstroke on it. She did awesome that race and I think that helped get her confidence back up for this last meet.
Previous time: 31.44
This meet: 44.00
After those 3 events Addie is done, so Mike took her and Preston home and put them to bead while Ella and I waited out the long break we have before her last events. Some time with one of our favorite people, Rachel, helped cheer Ella up too!
Ella hadn't swum butterfly since our mock meet so we weren't sure what would happen but she did great and ended up taking 4th after 2 swimmers DQ'd. (they only do 2 heats of butterfly and breaststroke, so only 6 swimmers per event from our team)
Previous Time: (she DQ'd at the mock meet, but her time was around 37 seconds from what we got watching our video)
This meet: 35.37
And then the last race of the night, the medley relay. She and Abi were in the same group, swimming backstroke and butterfly respectively.
Whew! We survived :-). One more to go.

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Kim said...

I absolutely love watching Addie swim backstroke. And Ella is a stud doing Butterfly. I'm still afraid of it - I totally have to psyche myself up to do a lap of fly when I swim laps at the gym. I also make sure no one is around to watch. I love seeing your swim team adventures. Wyatt will be 4 next year and we may let him start then. He is trying sooo hard to teach himself right now so he can go down all the big slides at the pool.