Sunday, June 10, 2012

Swim Team Update

After a full month of practices, both the girls still LOVE going to swim practice each day!
I don't enjoy the mad rush to get there once Ella gets off the bus, but once we make it on time, I enjoy relaxing and talking with friends from church for the 1 1/2 hours we are there (thanks to Mike being home with Preston, it is seriously a nice social time). Ella has developed better friendships with girls from church who are also there early while younger siblings practice and it has been really good for her. Once Addie's practice is over she has a little routine that she looks forward to...she eats a little bag of pretzels and then works in a school work book...and she loves it!
As far as the swimming goes, Ella is doing great. The improvement from last year when she basically learned how to swim is awesome and I love to see a little competitive side come out as they swim in their lanes. Practice for her is an entire hour long and they get a serious workout in!
Addie has improved sooo much. I'm writing this early and scheduling it to post, so hopefully by now she has made it all the way across the pool, but this week (on the 29th to be exact) she did the freestyle nearly all the way! She held on to the lane rope one time, but that was it! And she actually likes trying to do the backstroke now. The arms are a little complicated for her, but at least she's not scared to get on her back. For awhile there I was worried I made the wrong choice starting her this year, but now I am so happy I did. Plus, Addie absolutely loves that she is part of the team too!
I'm excited to see how the girls do in the mock meet and can't wait to see them in a real one when Mike and I get back from our trip.
I brought the camera to practice again recently and got some pictures of the girls working with Coach Mike on their diving technique...hilarious :-)!
Taylor, Carly, Abi and Ella

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