Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Fun!

The 4th of July flew by! We were busy all week keeping the kids busy while still preparing for this epic family adventure that we are just beginning now. Monday was my big shopping day for the trip, Ella and I got our hair done and we tried to catch up on other errands. We made it to the pool on Tuesday, made dinners for friends and by Wednesday were SO ready to relax! I have been terrible about getting pictures lately, but did manage to get a few of everyone in our festive outfits before enjoying the yummy food and being with all my family. Grandad swam with the kids the whole time so I didn't even have to get in the pool which was awesome. And it was fun to have Scotto back in Houston to provide the fireworks show for us.
The next day Mike's family came out for a quick visit to help him celebrate his birthday. I did not take a single picture which I now regret :-(! They took us to eat at Chuy's, we went to the pool with friends and Brittany and Dustin got to come along, and Mike's dad helped spruce up a couple things in the RV. The kids enjoyed playing with Meema while I was busy getting organized and loading up clothes and food. Hopefully we we will make it out to San Antonio at least one time before school gets started again.
And here is Addie's teeny little cat, named Sadie, in the bird costume she made for him out of paper and craft feathers :-).

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