Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Post for Caroline

I am taking a break from posts about our trip to ask for prayers on behalf of Caroline and her family.
 Caroline was one of my college roommates and was just heading out to live in Zambia when we had our last roommate reunion one year ago. She has been blogging all of their amazing adventures, and the trials of living abroad, on her blog here.
One week ago her family of 4, her sister and 3 other friends of theirs were in a terrible car accident. As you can imagine, the situation is even more scary when you are living in a third world country. Her husband and sister have been flown to a hospital in Johannesberg to receive care for their injuries. You can read more of their story and make donations here.
Please keep them all in your prayers!
I love you Caroline!!!

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Cheryl Joy said...

That is so sad, Marci. They will be in our prayers!