Friday, July 27, 2012

Glacier - Lake McDonald and Goodbye

We all kind of decided that we would be ready to head out from camp Wednesday (18th) afternoon rather than camping overnight again just to leave in the morning on Thursday. So, instead of making dinner that night, Mike and I made a big breakfast. I love big breakfasts and we made a hash using leftover potatoes and peppers from foil dinners earlier in the week, ground beef and eggs. It totally hit the spot. We spent some time getting organized and packed up a bit while the kids played around in the little forests surrounding our 2 campsites and then we headed into "town" (Apgar) to go out on Lake McDonald. First we stopped into what I think was called the learning cabin where the kids checked out all the hands-on exhibits. There was plenty of to be learned by the kids and adults alike. We were lucky enough to get to watch a helicopter land right in the center of town and then we headed to the shore to rent some little boats. I love being out on a boat and it was fun to see the lake from a different vantage point. It took about 2 minutes on the boat for Preston to be lulled to sleep :-). This area of the country is really one of the most beautiful places I have been.

Preston asleep and drooling on my leg :-)
All the kids wanted ricecake sandwiches for lunch when we got back to camp, even Simone...and they all ate them up! Isn't it funny how desirable something is when you aren't supposed to have it? I remember Scott and Hope begging me to make them ricecake pizzas too when I was home from college...just because it was my special thing.
After lunch we finished loading up, said our goodbyes and hit the road. It was so fun to camp with Liz and her family and JP was a great tour guide around Glacier for us. I was happy to finally meet Liz's kids and for all our kiddos to get to play together. After walking around BYU today, it is so weird to think that we were just crazy college kids not long ago and now we are all living real adult lives with kids of our own.
We stopped to empty the RV and got on the road around 1 or 2pm, excited to be getting such a great head start on our drive to the Seattle area. In no less than 15 minutes on the road outside of Glacier I heard a pop and looked back to see the back window of the RV had shattered and was starting to fall into the RV. Mike pulled over and we knocked out most the glass before heading into to the nearest town to try and get it repaired. We stopped at every glass and RV shop in the little town of Kallispell, MT before we found this shop. They were able to replace it with plexiglass for a great price, although we lost a few hours in the mean time. We decided to just get something to eat there before really hitting the road and randomly stopped into a little Mexican place that was part casino. And guess what they had?! Shredded beef tacos! And good ones too! We were thrilled. Overall we love the Tex-Mex of Houston, but Mike especially really, really misses his shredded beef tacos. It was a great way to end our eventful afternoon. We got the kids ready for bed with their glow sticks (those have provided tons of fun all along our trip) and we drove into the night for a bit before pulling over to sleep.

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Diane Freeman said...

Long trips just seem to have at least 1 or 2 mechanical issues....I am glad you got the tire and the window taken care of and it didn't add much stress to the trip. That delicious looking Mexican food looks like it would more than make up for it. Love the boat ride. Your posts just make me smile and it is like we are along for the ride. You guys planned such amazing stops!