Saturday, July 21, 2012

Helena - The Journey, Introductions, Family Pics

We got on the road pretty early on Friday the 13th to drive from Yellowstone up to Helena, Montana. In Helena we were going to visit and stay with one of my favorite people, Janna. Janna and I spent a semester in Uganda together and she is the one who inspired me to finally really learn how to take a good picture and use a camera the right way (not in auto). It had been three years since I had seen her and I had never met her family, so I was really excited.
We stopped to take care of all the fun RV stuff and hit the road. Not too long into the drive one of the tires on our tow dolley saw the end of its little life. We drove carefully to the next town where we were able to get fixed. They did it fast, they had wi-fi so I was able to get a blog post up while we waited and we were back on the road much faster than I had hoped.
We finally pulled up to Janna's in the late afternoon. Ella and Anessa hit it off instantly (they are about 6 months apart), Paxton and Addie were busy playing (they are only 1 week apart and I hope they get married!) and Preston was happy tagging a long with whoever would let him. Addie and Preston weren't very nice to sweet little Jackson, but Ella and I loved him :-)! The kids had an absolute blast being at a house again, playing in the perfect weather in the backyard, and I loved visiting with Janna. A great start to a fun weekend!
We were sitting around talking when Ella and Anessa came down to perform some primary songs for us. I loved is something Ella would normally never do!
Saturday morning we all got gorgeous and headed out to take family pictures of each other. Since Janna is my photography idol, I was definitely intimidated. Luckily, the location we went to was so unbelievably beautiful it would have been impossible to get a bad picture. Here are some outtakes of the kiddos with their new BFFs.

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