Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet of Champs

Last Saturday, June 30th, was the Meet of Champs for swim team. Ella was ecstatic that she got to go this year and although nervous, was excited too. She was able to go in freestyle, which she qualified for based on her time alone, and breaststroke, which she was able to do because 2 girls with times ahead of her were out of town for the meet. We knew going in that she wouldn't be super competitive but that it would be a good experience and her goal was just to better her last times of the regular season. We had fun getting to know some of the other 7/8 year old girls better and seeing all our swim team friends one more time. The meet was a little long, but it was exciting to be a part of it all. Our team won the meet by nearly 100 points too which was a fun way to end the night!
Coach Mike dressed up like a pirate for the meet :-).

(She was thrilled that she beat someone in her heat and we were thrilled that she beat her best time by so much!)
Seed Time: 25:13
Meet Time: 23.53
33rd out of 43
(Ella is in the last lane on the right)

It was pouring rain when we were getting set up for the meet and then about half way through came through and did it again. All the swimmers didn't mind though.
(I don't think it helped that it was so late by the time this race came around)
Seed Time: 32.93
Meet Time: 35.27
19th out of 22 swimmers
(Ella is 3rd from the right)

with Isabella and Karmen
So, it was a good end to a fun swim season! Now if they would just let us know when the team party is going to be we would be set. The girls have been anxiously awaiting getting their trophies all season long and now it looks like the party may not be until after we leave on our big road trip.
And just for my own quick reference, Ella's improvement since last year when she learned to really swim...
Freestyle 2011: 50.75 and 2012: 23.53
Backstroke 2011: 1:08.60 and 2012: 31.44

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