Saturday, July 7, 2012

Preston at 3

Preston turned 3 nearly two months ago but we just barely had a spare minute to go and get some pictures of him. We called it a date and stopped for donuts on the way home. As an added bonus we discovered a fun pool to go to the next day with our friends that we can't wait to go to again when we are back from our big RV adventure.
I was worried when I realized that I hadn't ever done Preston's official blog post about what he is doing at this age. Then when I went to his journal (which is about 6 months behind) to get his weight & height I was pleasantly surprised to find I had jotted down some things in it. Isn't nice when you do that for yourself :-)?!
So here, is what our little man is up to at 3 big years old...
Weight: 31 lbs. (43% percentile)
Height: 38 3/4 in. (74%)
Preston at 3 can be quite a grump. I wrote that in his journal on his birthday, mentioning that I hoped it would be a quick phase, and here we are almost 2 months later and I would say the same thing. I think he has been growing a lot lately because he'll have periods where he is more tired than normal in the afternoons, so maybe that is part of it (wishful thinking?).
The good news is that despite trying my patience much of the time, he also does the sweetest things. My favorite is randomly telling me he loves me, which of course cancels out any naughty thing he may have done that day. One morning while the kids were sitting at the table as I prepared breakfast Preston said, "Mom, I love you!" He still loves to cuddle and will just curl up with me to read a book or watch a show. He has also started to request back scratches at bed time like his big sisters.
I already wrote about his potty training skills, but exactly one week after his birthday he started going on the potty and has been awesome every since.
Preston is adorable. He has perfected his cute voice and saying please in a way that you just can't say no to. He loves to be funny and joke around, especially with his sisters. He doesn't like girls right now but thinks all boys are cool. He is getting better at cleaning up his messes and following directions and we still love his little dimple. I especially love his cute voice and the cute way he phrases using "how" instead of "why" and being so serious when he does have a question. He is definitely one fun, cute kid and we love him to pieces!
Preston loves...Thomas the train, McQueen the race car, swimming, playing the I-Pad, watching shows (especially Little Einsteins), playing legos, being in the same room with other people, asking questions, rough-housing with dad, peanut butter sandwiches (either plain, with jelly or with honey), waffles for breakfast, asparagus, grapes and all berries, pizza, any kind of treat, being included with his sisters, feeling big, being silly, reading books and being outside.
Preston does not like...being told what to do, most vegetables, bedtime, when his time with the I-Pad or TV are over, playing by himself and green smoothies.

And just for fun, Preston over the years...
preston newborn
preston 1


Krista said...

Can't believe these boys are turning THREE already. Crazy cute!! Loved the video...such am adorable age. :)

Katie Bradley said...

Bah, so cute! How'd he get to be such a big boy? Fantastic pictures and such an adorable Preston!