Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ella at Eight

I cannot believe that Ella is eight!!! It really did happen so fast!
So, what are the things I want to remember about Ella at this age? She is hilarious. She loves to make people laugh and is always excited to find new jokes in any magazines we subscribe to. Plus, she has a great laugh! Ella is a great helper and big sister. Sure there are moments where she instigates something with Addie or over reacts to Preston, but the majority of the time she is pretty patient with those two crazies. She loves that she is big enough to help them tie their shoes, put on a show, read a book or explain how to play a game. Ella does cherish her alone time though, whether playing in a quiet room or going somewhere just me and her.
Last year was a big year for her! She started playing piano (which she has a love/hate relationship with, but seems to have a natural knack for), did her last year of ballet and tap classes and got more into swimming. She has decided to try it year round this year, so hopefully she continues to love it as the months go by.
Ella is quite the fashionista! She has awesome taste for the most part, which is a relief :-). She comes up with some great outfits and has definite opinions on what she is going to wear and how she wants her hair. She picked out the leopard shoes for her outfit below and I thought they looked awesome!
I saw her mature so much as she dealt with her first real social politics issues with friends at school and was so proud of her when she handled a couple tricky situations in just the right way. Ella is still a little quiet and shy at first, but I feel like her self-confidence has become stronger, making me less worried for her when I'm not around to help her out. When I was dealing with so much stress surrounding the other kids, it was always a relief to know without a doubt that Ella was following the rules at school and doing so well in her classes.
I often worry that I am too hard on her or expect to much of her, so I really love when we are able to just go have some fun together and relax. We had some great conversations about friends and church and life and how to handle different situations on our drives to and from her practices that made me realize just how big she really is. I am so proud of my Ella Bella and can't wait for her baptism in a couple weeks!
Weight: 58 lbs (58%) Height: 49 in (30%)
(she only grew 1 1/2 in since last year and gained 8 lbs so we think a growth spurt may be in the future, we'll see)
Favorite foods: Pizza, celery with ranch, tacos (ground beef only), spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick Fila, pineapple, strawberries, spaghetti, grilled shrimp, ham sandwiches on ricecakes, any kind of chips and donuts.
Favorite books: American Girl series, Boxcar Children, The Magic Treehouse
Favorite shows: Phineas and Ferb, Mr. Popper's Penguins, The Emperor's New Groove, Megamind and Madagascar 3.
Favorite things to do: play with friends, swim, sing, read, make books, play Barbies, relax & watch a movie, play board games and getting a turn on the I-Pad.
Least favorite things: any new food I make her try, rice, mashed potatoes, carrots, bananas, speaking Spanish, practicing piano, and doing homework.

ella bw3
ella bw5
ella bw4
ella bw10


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Ella! I'm so excited to come to your baptism soon! There is a present from me and Dustin coming in the mail :-)

michele cabiness said...

Ella is beautiful!! (Charlotte loves her red dress!)

Diane Freeman said...

I love my sweet Ella ♥