Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ella's Family Party

What a day! We finished up at the church on Saturday and then headed home where we had a few hours to get everything ready for our big family dinner celebrating Ella's birthday. We had decided that since everyone would be in town for the baptism we might as well do it then, so it was like Ella had 2 birthdays this year :-).
One of Ella's most favorite things to eat is ground beef tacos, and despite my zillion other suggestions, that is what she wanted for her dinner. I made some shredded chicken as well, because that is what I love, and then there were lots of sides to go with them (menu on side bar here). It was so fun to have so much family from both sides with us that weekend (we missed you guys Mack & Cheryl and Chrissy, Zach & Mac) and Ella definitely loved being the star of the day!
Before the party really began, Ella couldn't wait any longer for the special scavenger hunt by Meema. Along the way she found 8 silver dollars (no longer silver) and at the end some bonus money. Meema's grandpa gave her the same thing on her 8th birthday and I thought it was such a cute idea. Ella loved reading the clues and searching for her treasures!
Ella was definitely spoiled by everyone! She has played with her American Girl things non-stop, wears her cute CTR bracelet everyday and just wore her new outfit to school today!
Oliver as a pilgrim :-)
Ella picked Peanut Butter Cup Trifle for dessert, which I was excited about it. Easy and delicious!
And the video of the birthday song.
In case the blog has painted an unrealistic picture of what life in our home with 3 little kids is like, here is what it is much of the time :-).
It's a little embarrassing to post, but it is, what it is...

8-25-12 Ella Bday Family Party from MARCI Freeman on Vimeo.


Brittany said...

It was so fun to come for Ella's big day; props to you Marci for making it such a special weekend for her. And I LOVED all of the food you made :-)

Kim said...

Happy birthday and congratulations to Ella! My favorite part of the videos you post is hearing your laugh in them. Your colorful family room looks wonderful! Don't be surprised if on your next visit my house looks like yours. (Well, do, because that would mean I did something with the place.)