Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer Fun

We have been keeping busy during our last 2 weeks of summer...trips to the pool, play dates with friends, and being lazy in our jammies all morning. Mike has been back to work this week and we have slowly been becoming more productive as a result :-). Finishing up summer photo shoots and planning Preston's preschool group. Ella has been the most busy with appointments for her baptism interview, finishing her swim clinic, a date with Nana and Grandad, and her first time attending activity days. Coming up we have meet the teacher, haircuts, a choir audition and then of course Ella's baptism and family birthday party. Part of me is sad to see summer come to end, especially since it went by faster than normal this year, and the other part of me is thrilled to get back on a good routine again.
I haven't taken many pictures but here are a few of our recent happenings...
special date with Nana and Grandad, since she's 8
(they went to the Alamo to see a movie and I was very jealous that I missed out on fried pickles!)
Preston and Mason
around the house
Addie made this to send to Paxton in Montana. It is an I-Pad with a game on it :-).
(she cut a slit and put the cat on a longer piece of paper that you can move along the bottom)
I was sent this one from Ella's activity days pool party last night. 
It is quite a group of girls and a few are even missing. She is SOOO excited that she gets to be part of this now!

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