Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Day of Summer

Yesterday was our last real day of summer vacation so we tried to squeeze in some fun amidst getting ready for Ella's baptism weekend. We cleaned (well, I :-) the house in the morning and then headed over to the girls' school for a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new playground. All the kids were excited to try it out despite the heat and we arrived at the same time as Ella's buddy Peyton which was fun for us all. We played for a minute, rushed to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items for all the food I was making for the next day and headed back home to get ready for the pool. We wanted to squeeze in one last trip before school and the kids wanted to head back to the Lake House because all 3 of them love the water slides. Preston especially loves them since they are the only ones he has ever been able to go on. He went on them over and over the whole time we were there. Ella was so happy to have a friend there...and I was too :-)! Then it was back home for showers before Addie and I were off to get her haircut. It looks so cute and she loved having orange cat along for the event. She did a great job of sitting still and her lady thought she was adorable. We met up with Mike and his side of the family, who had all arrived for the baptism, to eat at Chuy's (yum!) when we were done and then head back home to start food prep for Saturday. It's been fun summer, we'll be counting the days until you start again!
if you look closely you can see Addie in an orange shirt at the right
and look closely here to see Preston getting off the red slide

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apewinterton said...

Cute hair, Addie. Have fun in kindergarten!