Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Last night was Meet the Teacher night for the girls. Ella had wanted Mike to come, but she didn't want Preston to come even more (he is admittedly a little unpredictable lately), so the boys stayed home and the girls went to check it out.
I was excited to meet Addie's homeroom teacher,
who is new to the school this year. I was crushed when she didn't get Mrs. Torres, the Spanish teacher and who Ella had for homeroom in kindergarten. Mrs. Torres was amazing and I had already talked to her about Addie once, but everything happens for a reason, right? And she will still have her every other day! I just already have so much anxiety about Addie starting school and fitting in to the TWI program that a new teacher isn't helping, but I am trying to stay positive and remind myself that my first impression of Mrs. Torres wasn't amazing either. Meet the Teacher night is definitely a little crazy and stressful...filling out paperwork, crowded classrooms, standing in line to say hi to your teacher, etc. Addie is very excited about her cool classrooms although she is nervous about starting kindergarten because she doesn't know what to expect. I have been trying my best to prepare her for how to handle situations as things happen at home. Everyone say prayers for her next week!
It has been a bit of a rough start for Ella Bella too.
We met both her teachers and I LOVED them both! The sad thing for Ella was realizing that EVERY girl she likes to hang out with, with the exception of Alli, is in the other TWI class. Peyton, Shea, Gaby, Ava, and Jocelyn all ended up together...what are the odds?! We are trying to focus on the positives like the fact that she and Alli will get to be better friends and she'll get to know a couple girls (that seem sweet to me, the thing I am most concerned about) like Michelle and Ana better. There was one girl who we had some issues with last year and she ended up in the same class as Ella, but such is life. You have to learn how to handle the not-so-nice people that come along too. The other thing Ella is feeling nervous about is the fact that they are really going to be forced to speak in Spanish this year. I am very excited about this, but Ella feels differently :-). I think her confidence in her Spanish speaking ability will improve once they get started though and then she won't mind so much. I've also been stressing to Ella how much more often she will get to see all her buddies from church this year. She will have activity days and they are all participating in a youth choir together with practices once a week, so it will be a good year. And of course, she is going to be swimming a lot since she decided to join a year-round swim team, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will make a new friend or two (or three) through that.
So, maybe a bit of a negative post, but we were dealing with fears and nervousness and tears last night, so that is what is on my mind. I am sure once we get the year going that it will all turn out to be fine. Right :-)?!
Ella is getting too cool for pictures at sad.
It's our tradition to get a treat when we are done at the school.
And how we found Preston when we got home :-).

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