Friday, August 31, 2012

Preston's Day One

Preston had fun hanging out and playing with Grammy while I took the girls to school that first day and then it was just me and him! We went and got his hair cut and although he wasn't doing great at holding still at first, the promise of getting to play the I-Pad can solve pretty much any problem when I am desperate. He sat like a statue the rest of the time :-)...although he made really funny faces through out. This lady did a great job of blending on the sides, but did that same nerdy straight across on the front. Is this the only option? I have not found anyone that I absolutely love for boys' cuts yet. Who knew boy hair would be higher maintenance than girls'!
We ran errands, ate lunch and talked about what the girls were doing. He has asked me a few times through out this week if it's just me and him now and is definitely missing his little play pals. He especially misses his partner in crime, Addie girl. Yesterday when we got in the car with the girls after school he said to Addie in the sweetest voice, "I missed you Ad!" she told him she missed him too and he replied, "I missed you SOOO much!" Melt my heart :-).
Not that it has been all easy with this kid on his own. He is still one tough cookie and anywhere he goes, he leaves a disaster behind. The good news is he is getting better at cleaning them up, even if I have to stay on him about it until it is done. He did get some breaks from me when we went to lunch with friends and then had Ian over one day as well.
I have really loved just having the two of us though. We have had some good little chats and laughs through out the days. He starts his preschool group next week and we are both excited for him!
waiting at the school for the girls