Saturday, August 4, 2012

Utah - BYU and more Fishing

We were HOT after leaving Thanksgiving Point's outside area, so it was the perfect moment to get our Maverick's frozen yogurt (it is just a gas station but has this yummy treat inside). My roommates and I made many late night run to Maverick's for fro yo...we may have even known the flavor rotation at the one closest to us :-).
We then headed over to BYU to shop at the bookstore and walk around campus a bit before dinner. Our plan was to stop by the Bean Museum first, but it was closed until the end of the summer for renovations :-(. Even though we left the bookstore without the scriptures for Ella, we stocked up on BYU apparel, other books and some cinnamon bears and bagels too. Being on campus again brings back so many fun memories. It really was such a great time in our lives! 
We made sure to walk through my building, the Kennedy Center, and check out the latest photo contestants from the study abroad programs and then headed over to Mike's building, the Eyring Science Center. The kids thought dad's building was the coolest, hands down, and had fun trying all the little science activities set up around the lobby. By the time we were done we were starving and headed to Los Hermanos for dinner. This wasn't even actually one of our favorite spots when we lived in Provo, but we were in the mood to sit and relax...and eat more shredded beef tacos.
The next morning was Friday, the 27th, and Mike was up super early to head back out to his favorite fishing holes again before we left Provo. He took the camera this time and caught some pretty impressive fish! It was such a perfect way to end our big trip and he has been dying to go back ever since we got home :-)!
from Mike's fishing adventure
I was very concerned that this poor little guy was bleeding and didn't want to post the picture. Mike informed me that he is NOT bleeding, he is a cutthroat trout and the whole point of the picture is to show that. Silly me :-).
And check out this beast! I may not know much about fish, but when I saw Mike barely able to grip this guy in his hand, I knew it was HUGE one. He said he was getting to close to being done for the morning and then he caught this monster and decided that was a perfect one to end on.
the tape on his rod is at 16 inches!


Steve said...

Great fish photos! Oh and the babies are cute too :)

Kayley said...

Made me miss BYU!