Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Washington - The Redds and the Road to SLC

Originally we had planned to spend more time with the Redds. Mike and Heber are childhood friends, and I hadn't seen Chalonn since their oldest was a little baby (I think he's 9 now!), so we were excited to see them while we were in the Seattle area. Sadly, Chalonn's grandfather passed away right before we arrived, so we adjusted our schedule and were so happy that we got to see them at all, even if it was fast! I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of any adults during our overnight stay at their house :-(.
The kids had SO much fun with their 3 kids though. Ella had fun with both Mckay and London, Addie was thrilled to jump on the trampoline and play with their toys and Preston got to watch Little Einsteins while he went to bed which just about made his life! (he became a little obsessed with them right before our trip, singing the theme song constantly, and hadn't seen an episode since we left. He had the HUGEST grin while he layed there!). Despite just returning home from their own traveling, they were still great hosts. We ate a yummy dinner and dessert and had time to visit awhile before heading off to bed.
In the morning we ate breakfast and said goodbyesbefore we hurried off to get back on the road. We were heading to Salt Lake City, Utah...all day and much of the night. It was the longest stretch we had gone since our first day in the RV (I think around 800 miles). I pulled out a few new surprises for the kids along way and they did really well.
our schedules were (and still are) all wrong...
the kids passed out fast on the hour drive up to the Redd's from Chrissy's house
stopping to kill some time and get some wiggles out
cute Halle
I think I was able to arrange marriages for all the kids on this trip just about...Mckay and Ella? :-)
back on the road
The next morning, the 25th, we finished our drive into Salt Lake City with a couple pit stops along the way. We stopped and ate lunch at In N Out burger, always delicious, and then we were able to have a quick visit with another of my college roomies, Brooke. She just officially became a doctor AND had her first baby...she's a busy lady :-). It was so fun to get to see her and meet cute little Maggie. Between Liz, the college professor, and Brooke, the doctor, I feel a little inadequate :-). I'm glad they love me anyway!
Brooke's hubby, Lex, suggested the kids have a round of tug-of-war with her Moby wrap...such a dad thing to suggest you'd think he'd been doing this for years :-)!

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Amy said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip in person. Let me know when you are up to going to the pool.