Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 and 11

Monday, the 10th
We went to ChickFila for a mostly free breakfast...can't beat that :-)!
(over the weekend Ella went to Justice with some birthday giftcard/money and bought that shirt all on her own. she LOVES it)
Preston and I ran our errands and picked up a new puzzle while we were out...ANGRY BIRDS!!!
Everyone was excited about this purchase.
Tuesday, the 11th
The girls had school and Preston had his school group. I had a photo shoot, then picked up my favorite lunch and came home to edit this shoot. The rest of the afternoon was filled with the usual...pick up the kids from school, snack time, work on homework, practice piano, Addie decompress with craftiness, eat dinner, swim practice, baths and bedtimes...all in about 4 hours. Then we wake up ready to do it again the next day :-).

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