Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friday Full of Fun

Due to the crazy rain the previous Friday, our TWI (two-way immersion) get together was postphoned to last Friday (21st). Preston and I picked up the girls from their hallways and then headed over to the little playground and gazebo that is next to the school. There were plenty of yummy snacks to be eaten, friends to be played with and parachute space to run under. We didn't stay a super long time, but everyone had fun while we were there and I was once again appreciative of the opportunity we have to be a part of this program.
We dropped Ella off at a friends' house to play and then headed back home. Addie finished her deluxe "cat money" game that she had been working so hard on and invited me to play it with her. The amount of work and detail she puts into her little projects is always amazing to me. She did let Preston help her color the middle of the game board, hence the big brown scribbles, and then had each of us draw a little something of our own there. She is such a cutie, who is doing awesome at school still by the way. After that little bump in the road the second week, it has been all smiley faces since. I can't wait for my parent-teacher conference next week to hear more details about how it is going!
(and she is reading!!! such an awesome milestone in life!)


Diane Freeman said...

I am always so impressed with the great life my grandbabies have...thanks for being an awesome mother (and daughter in law), Marci. I am definitely up for a rousing game of Cat Money on our next visit. We will probably come this weekend to see Ella's swim meet, but will make the final decision when Lois and LaRee get here...and let you know.

Marci said...

Thanks Diane :-)! I probably won't get to see too much of you guys if you come, but we would love for it to work out!