Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Week...

Preston continued to sing the Little Einsteins theme song non-stop and it continued to drive Addie crazy.

Rachael took Ella on a little ice cream date as a belated birthday treat. Ella thought she was the coolest girl ever :-)!
It was picture day at school and even though we don't order the pics, we still want to look cute in the yearbook!
Addie saw this cute craft in her Ranger Rick magazine and couldn't wait to make it. Her bats turned out adorable...I only wish she still wanted to make me more :-)!
*the girls had dentist appointments and we are still cavity free, which means we still like the dentist :-). (Preston, Mike and I all go this week and I hate the dentist :-( shhh)
*Mother Goose visited Addie at school.
*Preston was thrilled to finally have a play date with Ian again.
*I wished every night of the week that I didn't have to take Ella to swim practice, but we made it anyway.
*Addie's smiley face streak ended with one frown on Friday :(, but we are ready for a fresh start tomorrow.
*Ella got her progress report and is doing awesome as usual. She hasn't had much homework yet this year so I was feeling a little out of the loop and it was good to know she is doing well.
*We got Addie's soccer team roster and her buddy Brooklynn made it on to the same team. Addie's little face lit right up when I told her they would be playing together!
*I got to read in Addie's class Friday morning and then have lunch with girlfriends, which is always a treat.
I tried to enjoy this past week because it was relatively calm compared to the one coming up. I'm working on pumping myself up to make it through :-)!

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