Monday, September 24, 2012

More Catching Up

Friday, the 14th
It was the first day of parent readers for the kindergartners. Luckily for us, we once again have friends to take turns with watching the younger siblings so I will get to read to Addie pretty often (plus Preston gets to have fun with other kids every Friday too). I was able to go to Addie's class this day and read the books she picked out. Once again, Press Here was an instant hit. If you don't own this book yet, get online and order it NOW! :-)
That afternoon we were supposed to have a little party at the playground next to the school with all the other TWI kids but it was POURING rain! Preston and I got soaked walking to the back of the school to pick up the girls. I didn't think to bring them flip flops to put on so I had them put their tennis shoes and socks in their backpacks and just walk bare foot to the car because the sidewalks were completely flooded. I really need to invest in a Texas sized umbrella!
When we got home we got dry and then had a movie afternoon instead of our party...with blue popcorn.
Sunday, the 16th
I am usually scrambling out the door with the kids since most Sundays Mike has a meeting right before church, but I was actually ready early this week and we got a quick picture.
Monday and Tuesday were filled with swim practices, activity days, a swim orientation meeting, photo shoot, school for Prest and the usual errands and homework.
Wednesday, the 19th
The girls looked cute so we got a picture before they headed off to school. Ella picked out her outfit all on her own.
Swim practice ended up being cancelled so I told Ella to try and get the rest of her homework done since Thursday was going to be CRAZY. I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen and looked out the window to see she had found a nice, and not so comfy looking, spot in the tree.
AND we ate something that night that the kids actually LOVED. It's been a looong time since that has happened :-)!
Crazy Pizza
bubble up pizza


Stephanie said...

Marci, as always, you are so amazing and your kids look so cool in those pictures. I just ordered something from Amazon, but next time, I'm buying the book! Miss you all!

Christina said...

I love the second picture of Ella in the tree!