Friday, September 14, 2012


I am behind on blogging our lives. Mostly because they are super crazy right now and won't be slowing down anytime soon. I have made some little notes over the week about things I want to remember though and I need to de-clutter my scraps of paper :-).

*Is joining the lunch chess club with a couple friends. I think it is adorable! 
(and maybe she can teach me to play now)
*While giving one of her friends a ride home last week they sat in the back sharing excerpts from the books they were reading. Made me smile.
*Came home with an assignment to type some Spanish words on the computer and at the bottom of the paper had written "Michal Soft Word", telling me that is the program she needed to use for it. It took everything in me not to laugh. SO cute! Microsoft Word would sound like Michael Soft Word if you weren't familiar with it :-)!
*After an awesome first week of school had marks in her folder 2 days the next week for hitting...and there were only 4 days of school that week. I was anxious each day when it came time to look in her folder but she is doing great again. All happy faces for this week! I think the 2nd week of school is the hardest for kindergartners in general so hopefully we are on the right track for good now.
*Has spent hours over the last 2 weeks creating her own board game. It is nearing completion and she is SO excited about it. She keeps telling me that I can make my own too and she will teach me how.
*Overheard him asking his friend, "Can you talk? I can talk A LOT of time!" So very true. Mike calls him chatterbox for a reason.
*We spent the day downtown going to some museums yesterday and took a break to eat lunch outside at one point. There were No Parking signs everywhere and Preston asked me, "How come there's no P's here?!" P is of course his favorite letter and he couldn't understand why they were crossed out on signs all over the place :-).

These cute kids may drive me crazy a lot of the time but I sure love them. I was walking up the stairs the other afternoon after running an errand and could hear all the chattering and playing and it just made me smile. It's so easy to take for granted how lucky I am to have them.


Sarah S said...

I love your tidbits! It's hard to keep up with everything (I am so ridiculously behind on my blog, it's overwhelming). But I was thinking this morning in the midst of the craziness that comes with having a newborn and two other kids with varying emotions and needs, that I am so lucky to have these three boys. But they can drive me absolutely nuts sometimes (I woke up this morning to Charlie screaming in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, "NO GRANDMA!" because he only wanted me to help him get his breakfast. She goes home tonight and then I'm really in for it... :)

Cheryl Joy said...

This post made me get a little teary eyed. It really is the little things. :) No P's and Michal Soft are definitely two of the cutest things I've heard in a long time!

Kayley said...

Scott just read this post and told me to come read it because Michal Soft Word was so funny- made us both laugh really hard! She's so cute!!!