Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stepping It Up

Addie is always coming up with a newer and more exciting project to work on.
Here she is last weekend putting on a movie for her kitties.
The next day she spruced up her "tv" even more and put on a movie for Mike and I. It was so cute! I made a video but she's trying to stay cool in it so I'm not posting it :-).

Ella has been practicing hard and at her first swim meet of this indoor season already improved her times from summer league a bit. The meet was a little stressful (super crowded) and it was hard to actually see her races (it was only freestyle and backstroke this one) but it was nice and short.
Freestyle: 23.42 (previous best 23.53) 18th/38

Backstroke: 30.22 (previous best 31.44) 26th/38

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