Thursday, October 18, 2012

A few highlights

Most of last week was the, piano, choir, swimming, parent readers on Friday and photo appointments. We did have some fun lunches mixed in though! I FINALLY went and had lunch with the girls at school. Preston and I went and ate with Addie on Thursday, she requested Taco Bell, and I visited Ella there on Friday, she requested ChickFila. Preston and I had lunches with some of my friends too, which is always such a nice break in the day! Addie had her first MAD Lab of the year and it was fun to get to help out and see her during the school day. Not many pictures, but it was my turn to watch the boys during the reading on Friday and I remembered my camera to get a picture of Prest with his Friday buddies Adam and Jordan.
Even Preston has been exhausted by our schedule...or it could be the fact that he woke before 6am that whole week, stinker. :-) He has not fallen asleep during the day like this for a looong time.

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