Thursday, October 11, 2012

Addie's a Soccer Player! (and parent-teacher conference reports)

Not the catchiest of titles, but I don't want to forget this is where I put the conference info :). This is a very "wordy" post, but there are some pictures at the end.
Last Friday, the 5th, was another crazy day. I think I am going to have to bust the thesaurus for some new words to describe our crazy life right is insane, busy, nuts, ludicrous, get the picture!
So, back to Friday. It was a half day for the girls and this is how the schedule went...
8am-take all the kids to school
8:30am-read to Addie's class while Preston plays with friends outside
9am-come home, check emails, pack up photo shoot equip into the car and make Preston's lunch
10am-drop off Preston to play with Ian
10:30am-newborn photo shoot
12:00-pick up Preston
12:10pm-run into grocery store to pick up candy for the parade
12:30pm-pick up girls from school
12:45pm-go to help build the TWI float for the parade
1:45pm-take kids to our house where my mom is waiting to watch them
2 and 2:40pm-parent teacher conferences with the girls' teachers
3:10pm-pick the kids back up and head back to work on the float
4:30pm-meet Mike at McDonald's for a nutritious dinner :-)
5:00pm-run home so the girls can change
5:30pm-go to Addie's first soccer practice
6:20pm-leave soccer early to get Ella to swim practice late
7:20pm-FINALLY home for the night
Nearly everyday last week was like this but after this coming Saturday, the days will hopefully be much less eventful! So far we have been able to stay on top of things for the most part, but I really don't know how people have more than 3 kids when only 2 of mine are involved in activities and I can hardly keep up!
Anyway, the parent-teacher conferences...
I met with Addie's teachers first and was so curious to hear from them. She has been doing well in school according to her folder and her happy faces, but I was still interested to hear more details! They told me she is doing so well and has really adjusted to the classroom dynamic and rules. Mrs. Torres, who Ella had in kindergarten as well, knew my concerns heading into the year and she assured me that Addie is doing great. She did say at the beginning of the year when she was given just a warning she would often have a melt down but that she doesn't do that anymore. I asked how she was getting along with the other children and they don't have any concerns with her. I was feeling sooo relieved! They told me she is very smart (Mrs. Torres thinks a big part of her behavior issues in preschool were largely because she was bored), that she is willing to try things in Spanish and that she is amazingly creative. They went on and on about the drawings in her notebooks and showed me some as well. I am so proud of her for trying so hard and doing so much better with her choices!
Here are their comments from the hand out I was given...
"Adeline is doing very well academically and socially. She is reading at the level expected of students entering Kindergarten. She has adapted well to our classroom rules and routines. She participates in class activities with enthusiasm in both English and Spanish. She makes an effort to answer questions in Spanish (even though she says she doesn't know Spanish). (that made me smile :-) Thank you for all the support you give her at home. We really enjoy having Adeline in our class and being able to take part in her social, emotional, and academic development."
Then I went and met with Ella's teachers. They both emphasized what a nice, sweet girl she is and said that they really love having her in class because she can get along with anyone. They also both said that she is very quiet in class and only answers questions when called upon directly. Her Spanish teacher said that she is really doing much better at speaking in Spanish and not being afraid to at least try (this teacher will NOT let them speak in English and I am so glad. she needed that extra push to get her to step out of her comfort zone and do it). I was a little worried when the English teacher told me that sometimes she can't tell if Ella is just being shy and quiet or if she is upset about something. When I told Mike that though he said people used to say the same thing about him. It is so interesting how she can be so like me in some ways and so like Mike in others. I was definitely trying to answer every question in class :-). I told them that she had been much happier with how the year has been going than she thought she would be when she found out most of her friends were in the other class and that I think it has been good for her to open up to new people. I am so proud of Ella for being so brave starting the new year without those familiar friends. I know it was tough at first but she really had a good attitude about it and continues to work hard in school.
Here are their comments:
Reading (from Spanish teacher)...Ella is such a hard worker and sweet girl. She speaks very good Spanish and she always tries to use the new vocabulary she learns in class. She is a very good student and she likes to participate in class discussions. She likes reading and she is enjoying reading in Spanish (note from me - she is so proud that she is reading chapter books in Spanish now!). I will keep challenging Ella to improve her academic skills in Spanish. It is a pleasure to have Ella in my class this year.
Math (from English teacher)...Ella is such a sweet girl and I am happy to have her in class this year. She is a very hard worker and always participates during math class. During the first few weeks of school, all third graders were given a beginning of the year math assessment and Ella's performance tested on grade level. Thank you for supporting her at home and I look forward to a successful year.
And here are some pictures from Addie's first soccer practice. Her buddy Brooklynn is on the team with her, which is extra fun. Addie girl was SO cute at practice! She was so excited to get all her gear on and run around with the kids. We missed the first game for the parade, but we are looking forward to this week's!

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