Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ella in the Katy Children's Choir

Last Saturday, the 13th, was a day I had been anticipating for awhile. I knew it was going to be one of our craziest Saturdays ever and I was honestly just ready for it to be over! I had a photo shoot that morning downtown, which I was able to move up to 8am, but it still didn't give me much time to get to old Katy for Ella's first choir performance at 10am. Since their big fall performance is this coming weekend, we decided to have Mike and the other kids stay home this time around and were lucky that Ella was able to get a ride with our friends so she could be there early to practice.  The good news is I made it, found the entrance closest to their stage easily and was able to enjoy the show!
The choir is new this year and was started by Debbie Siebert, who is amazingly talented, and Ella has LOVED participating in it. Life is super crazy right now (as everyone is tired of hearing I am sure) and I have questioned whether we should do the choir still, but after seeing them perform I don't have the heart to pull her out. Plus, she loves getting to see all her church buddies each week at practices. The show was so cute and pretty dang amazing considering they had only had 5 practices (they practice once a week) and that many of the kids are like Ella and have never done anything like this before. Anyway, I didn't take any videos this day because I was trying to get pictures of the whole group, not just Ella, but we will definitely take videos of their cute performance this Saturday at the fall concert. Ella is in the 2nd row for some reason so she was difficult to catch of glimpse of, but she was singing her little heart out.
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