Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Visits and More Swimming

We were able to visit with lots of extended family over the weekend; some that we rarely get to see so it was a special treat!
On Friday evening we met up for dinner with my side of the family because my great Uncle John (my grandma's brother) and his wife Sandra were passing through Houston while traveling. They are both so nice and have led quite the exciting life so it is always fun to get to talk with them.
Later that night Mike's parents and grandma were able to come out for a quick visit. Grandma Freeman was visiting them in San Antonio from CA and we really appreciated that they made the drive out here so we could see her since we couldn't get away ourselves. It was fun to visit with her and I'm thankful the kids were able to get spend some time with her as well. On Saturday they were able to come and see one of Ella's swimming races, which was really special for her!
This was Katy Aquatics big swim meet, where ALL their competitive swimmers come to race. They were also supposed to do the team picture that morning, but because of the rain it was cancelled, along with the two shoots I had scheduled :-(. Ella really enjoys feeling like she is part of a team and watching the older swimmers was so fun. They are really amazing and very inspiring for the younger ones to watch! Each swimmer could pick two strokes to swim and Ella swam in the Freestyle and the Breastroke.
warm-ups were insane...look at all those swimmers!
Freestyle: 22.60 (22nd/45) 
previous best 23.42

Breaststroke (her favorite)32.83 (16th/19)
previous best 32.93
checking in with Coach Steph before the race

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Diane Freeman said...

Watching Ella swim was one of the cutest and funnest things I have seen in a long time ♥