Monday, October 8, 2012

Preston's 1st Trip to the Dentist

On Monday, the 1st, Preston and I both had appointments with the dentist. It was his first visit but after watching the girls and seeing the goodie bags they came away with only a few days prior he was really excited that it was going to be his turn. That is, until the hygienist asked him to hop up on the chair. At that point he decided that maybe this visit wasn't going to be so much fun :-). We both asked him nicely and she told me that they have a policy of not forcing the kids to do anything so if he didn't want to get up, they would just try again at a later date. But we are busy and we were there, so I decided Preston would be getting his teeth cleaned one way or another! I told him he could hold the I-Pad while he sat on the chair and he agreed to get up on it. Then she wanted him to lay his head back but when Preston saw that plastic cover he wanted nothing to do with it and told us, "NO! It's gross!" The I-pad came to the rescue again when I suggested he lay his head on it. It ended up being a perfect solution because if he ever started to lift his head up at all I would quickly tell him to lay his head back on the I-pad before it fell and he immediately listened. I knew heading into the appointment that the I-pad would be a huge help when it was my turn so that Preston would sit quietly, but I had no idea just what a necessity it would be for Preston's. Thank you I-pad! Preston loves toothpaste (we have to keep ours out of reach so he doesn't eat it) and his little tongue was moving all over when she brushed his teeth trying to lick it up. The hygienist thought he was pretty cute and we were excited he was cavity free. Another trip down :-)!
I didn't catch it very well

The next day we both had appointments with the dermatologist and Preston didn't like that one AT ALL! He has had this weird thing on his ear for nearly 6 months and a friend who is a nurse told me she thought it was a cyst. The dermatologist agreed and cut it off. I am so glad to have it be gone! It was so hard for me to leave it alone :-). I wanted to so badly to see the doctor remove what was inside but helping hold Preston down was quite a workout and I didn't end up seeing much at all. We all survived and now he and I both have bandaids on our faces while we heal up. The other night Preston told me he had a rock in his ear when he felt where it is healing.
I meant to get a good picture before we went in and forgot so this is one with my phone while we were waiting in the room. It's hard to see, but it is an eraser size bump above the hole of his ear.

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