Saturday, October 27, 2012

Primary Program

The girls were in the primary program at church last Sunday and although Mike missed it, they still had plenty of supporters there squished into our little pew :-). Grammy, Grandad, Nana, and Hope were able to come in and watch them deliver their big lines. Our schedule had just been switched to 1pm for the rest of the year after the creation of a new ward, and this was our first week at that time. In a lot of ways it was actually nice because I was able to have us ready to go nice and early. I'm glad we only have 2 months of the schedule though!
The girls did great during the program, much better than when I recorded them, and Addie ended up doing well sitting up on the stage the whole time (the practice a couple days before was a bit rough). This is always my favorite Sunday of the year!
Preston and I were both sick so I knew we'd be leaving right after the program and didn't bother with his hair. A full week later my voice has still not returned to normal but at least I'm feeling better overall now. Monday I ended up laying in bed all day because I felt dizzy and nauseous if I was up for too long. I haven't been sick like that in a looong time and it is no fun!

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