Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Running Buddies

I mentioned before that I was so sad to miss the girls' Fun Run event at the school and that I had heard Addie had looked adorable running and was holding hands with a friend during part of it. Now I have pictures thanks to her mom!
It's pretty funny actually...I always ask the girls more about recess than any other part of their day because I know this is where most the drama is bound to happen :-). Addie has been talking about building homes for ants with her friend for awhile now but it was only recently that she told me the friend was Anneliese from her church class. I had been in YW for so long that I missed out on all these new people who moved in and finally was able to find her mom and introduce myself this Sunday. She told me that she was at the fun run and had pictures of the two girls holding hands to send me. I was thrilled...not only about the pictures, but that Addie has a little friend from church to play with at school too! Here is cute Ad running with her new buddy.
I was also excited to get a glimpse of the fun run set up from the pictures. During Addie's parent-teacher conference one of the pictures they showed me that they were most impressed with was a drawing she did of that day. It was an aerial view of the set up with the different colored tents and tracks and the water station, etc.

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Kayley said...

So cute! And she builds houses for ants during recess? Love her