Monday, October 29, 2012

Sad Goodbye and Misc

Last Wednesday was our last piano less with Miss Ramona. It was very, very sad! And yes, there were tears shed by she and I :-(. They are being relocated to another state and when she told us about a month ago I was panicked. How could we replace her?! We LOOOVE her so much and I think she is such a perfect piano teacher, especially for beginning students. She is relaxed and patient, and she makes it FUN (rewards and lots of laughter during lessons). Ella was definitely not thrilled to start taking last year, but Miss Ramona really helped her learn to like it (I'm still hoping the love will come soon :-). I was even going to have Addie start with her next year because she loves coming with us and I knew Ramona would be great with her. Now we'll just wait and see. I brought my camera to the last lesson because I realized we never got a picture with her at the recital and I wanted to be sure to document what a special person she was in our lives...and her dog Dodger too of course :-). He does tricks and thinks Preston is a big dog toy which was always very entertaining. We wish her family all the best of course, even if I continue hoping I'll get a call that they are going to stay here after all. We start with a new teacher this week and I am hoping we love her too!
To boost our spirits, we made mummy dogs for dinner when we got home :-).
The next day the girls took their decorated pumpkin to the library to earn a book tag for their backpacks. It was red ribbon spirit week and this day was crazy sock day, in case you were wondering about the weird fashion statement. The pumpkins had to be decorated as a book character and ours is Kitten from Love Splat.
Friday Ella requested a "waterfall braid" so she and her friend would have matching hair-dos. I had no idea what it was, but thanks to a quick YouTube tutorial that morning, we had success!
Our weekend was filled with 2 trunk or treats, Addie's soccer pictures and her game (pictures of all to come). But Mike and his dad were in Detroit for the World Series, lucky ducks. A post on the game itself will come eventually, but here are some cell phone pics of the pawn store from the show Hardcore Pawn on tv.

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